Learning Portfolio One – Question 2, Part 2

Range Rover-

One of the worlds most luxury cars, it is rarely that someone does not drive in a city like Perth and when they do one of the most common cars is a Hyundai or Suzuki. Why? Because these cars are cheaper and more economical. If money was not an option would the average person chose to drive a range rover or a Hyundai, you will find most people opt for the Range Rover and why again? Because it is more aesthetically pleasing to the consumer. When researching what a Range Rover has to offer not mentioning anything about engine or the mechanics of it, we have this; “Featuring an imposing Dark Atlas front grille, body coloured front bumper, vent blades and door handles the Range Rover TDV6 HSE has a fresh and contemporary appearance. For more individual style, there’s a wide choice of interior colours and exterior paints, plus a selection of optional striking 20, 21 and 22-inch alloy wheels, with 19 inch 5 Split Spoke wheels as standard. Inside the interior is upholstered with Grained Leather seats, which provide powered seats, heated front seats and driver’s memory, all as standard. The luxury experience is enhanced with a state-of-the-art Meridian* Sound System providing stunning sound quality with 380W.” (Barbagallo, 2014) Although this sounds amazing to drive and own it doesn’t mention anything about the engine the horsepower or how many litre the petrol tank holds then further researching it we find that 3.0 litre diesel engine, which means a lot money every week and the Hyundai promotes “Impressive fuel economyand low COemissions make driving guilt-free”. (Hyundai, 2014). Although the Range Rover is generally more aesthetically please to the individuals eye we then come back to the same argument which is more efficient and because it is aesthetic does it mean it is as good.