Psychology of Design

Visual design is a method in which people connect with. Taking psychology in the hands of visual design, I feel, is necessary. When the human brain sees a colour, a word or a picture it automatically relates it something, whether it be a good or bad memory or feeling. When designers or creators are aiming to brand something amazing that will attract lots of people they must think clearly how it could be done and how to avoid negative feedback, in saying that it is not uncommon for design processes to be improve by using psychology. “Color may be the single most important element that can create a mood in a room and reflect the inner nature of those who live there. Most rooms have a primary color with secondary colors used as accents. Philadelphia abstract artist Edward Boseman says various tones can create deliberate moods and reveal character traits.” (Edmunds, 1995). This statement describe the mood and tones that can reflect in a person, when being exposed to design.