Foggs’ Findings

-It is hard to find how credible a website is when there is no accuracy of the information, there are no sources available and nothing to back up the information.

-When no real orgainisation is proved to be supporting it, this can be an issue. If a website claims that it is being supported by a major company, brand or organisation you should always double check this information as it can be false advertisement.

-When shopping online whether it be on an online boutique or a non profit organisation to ensure that the website is credible make sure that PayPal is an option to ensure your details are safe. PayPal is a form of online payments and a very prestigious company.

-If the site is not easy to use and difficult to navigate your way around, the chances of it being a credible source is very slim. No credible source will have a poorly presented webpage.

-Updates should be frequent

-If a webpage has an error, avoid it. No major website, company or organisation will allow typos or errors in any circumstance.

-A professional looking site is always one of the main indicators, but don’t be fooled by someone whom is talented in web design to give you a non credible source.