Performance Load – Learning Portfolio Item 1

Performance Load is the amount of effort used to complete a take in both the physical aspect and mental aspect. In the article provided on “Performance Load” the authors explain that performance load is made up of two factors, cognitive load and kinematic load (Lidwell, 2003). The cognitive load is in referral to the mental effort is used to reach said goal or complete something. According to the cognitive load theory produced by Mind Tools 2014 “”Cognitive load” relates to the amount of information that working memory can hold at one time. Sweller said that, since working memory has a limited capacity, instructional methods should avoid overloading it with additional activities that don’t directly contribute to learning.” (Mind Tools, 2014) Kinematic load defines how much physical effort is needed to reach a goal or complete a task. By reducing the amount of kinematic load there is the task at hand will become easier to achieve (Lidwell, 2003). Once the cognitive and kinematic loads have been minimised as much as possible the performance load will become much more bearable therefore making the task far easier to complete (Lidwell, 2003).


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