Aesthetic Usability Effect (Learning Portfolio 1)

Learning Portfolio 1

The topic of the article was Aesthetic Usability Effect. Aesthetic Usability Effect is an idea that describes that users in aesthetic products perceive more aesthetically pleasing designs are to have higher quality whether they do or not. Consumers are first attracted to the way the product looks before actually finding out how high quality it is, consumers aren’t just attracted to the product but can trust the products as the way the feel when having the product as they can count on the way it looks e.g the product can look expensive or high quality this will then reflect to others about said product. Blogger Mark Boulton states “Look after the design and the usability will look after itself” (Boulton, 2005). I believe that this statement can be taken on by many major companies around the world, in todays modern society it is about looking the best and being the best, when a design is popular amongst consumers it can then be a lot easier to change and better the usability. When arguing against the article if a product is not as aesthetically pleasing as others then it is automatically labelled bad or cheap and presumed that it has low quality, when this necessarily is not the case, when stated before look after the design usability will look after itself there are some cases that usability has to take toll and no matter how hard designers or engineers work the design can simply not make it any more aesthetic pleasing. In saying that findings from the influence of design aesthetics in usability testing: Effects on user performance and perceived usability, “Given the role of aesthetics in product development, there is a need to examine the influences aesthetics have in usability testing. Usability testing is considered to be one of the most important and more widely used methods to evaluate product designs.” (Lewis, 2006).


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